Experiencing Sangam World Centre

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Hailey Morey
Lifetime Girl Scout

Hello Fellow Badgerland Girl Scouts!

I’ve recently made a big move from Our Chalet in Switzerland to the Sangam World Centre in India, where I’m working as a Long Term Monsoon Volunteer.

Volunteers, like me, work onsite with guest participants while Tare Program volunteers (Tare means Star in Hindi) are assigned a community partner and go offsite to work with that partner every day.

Both programs are excellent! Sangam works with various community partners such as local schools, environmental organizations, orphanages, homes for the mentally ill, and so more. Begin a part of the Sangam staff means you’re truly a part of the greater good!

My volunteer work focuses on women empowerment. I lead Stop the Violence programs, Free Being Me sessions and lots of different community service projects. I also get lead groups into the heart of downtown Pune and provide a full Indian cultural immersion; participants experience traditional life, dress, dancing, and food.

To say life is different on this side of the world is an understatement. People are always hustling and bustling, rickshaw drivers are weaving through the streets, traditional music is constantly playing, and rice is a part of every meal. I would love to see a Wisconsin troop come and open their mind up to this whole new world!

One of my favorite experiences so far was the Arts4Change festival, where participants from over 20 countries traveled to share their local art forms and explored how the arts can be a tool for change. I’ve also conquered hikes in the deserted Indian hill country, experienced the craziness of the Ganesh festival, and I will never forget the day India beat Pakistan in the cricket tournament. It was such a celebration!

Within the past four months, I have grown TREMENDOUSLY. Without this experience, I would not have the dreams and aspirations I do today. Working and living in an international setting with international coworkers has made me stronger, independent and overall FIERCE.

Go and take on the world Badgerland!

Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau Girl Scouts Take on England

Last July, after two long years of planning and fundraising, Badgerland Girl Scout Troops 4279 and 4483 were finally off. Two girls from each troop, plus two chaperones, were headed to Great Britain, ready to spend nearly two weeks touring the famous countryside and landmark-filled cities. It was a trip of a lifetime.

After landing in Manchester, they hopped on a train for York – an hour and a half ride. Then they checked out the city’s market near the train station and headed to the hostel – but only after their first “wrong way down the street” car ride.

Once they got over the jet lag, they spent the next day touring York, visiting attractions like the Chocolate Story and the York Minster. Then, they were off to Poacher Jamboree 2017 – a week-long gathering of more than 5,500 scouts and guides from across the world.

When their bus arrived at the grounds in Lincoln, U.K., they headed to their campsite, where about 30 people were already set up. Their camp-mates were happy to “show them the ropes.” The next week was filled with wood burning, friendship bracelets, bungee trampolines and so much more.

Then, it was time to move on once again. The girls packed up and were London-bound. But they had one stop to make along the way.

They spent a day touring and volunteering at Green Britain, a wind farm in Newark. Lunch included all-natural vegetables grown right there on the property!

They made it to London just in time to see Madame Tussauds wax museum and take a bus tour through the city. Then, like true Girl Scouts, they gathered at the hotel to plan out the next day.

They woke up bright and early to visit the London Eye, where they could see almost every major attraction in the city from a distance. Next, they had to see them
close-up. They headed toward Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the London Bridge.

At the end of their long day of sightseeing, it was time to pack up for home. After nearly two weeks of stepping out of their comfort zone and into a world, they’ve never known, the trip was coming to an end.

The group wasn’t even back to the continent before they were tossing out ideas for the next trip. The memories they made really will last a lifetime.

There are lots of opportunities for Girl Scouts to travel by themselves or with their troop. Check out Girl Scout Destinations, Getaways, and international events.

GET Girls in England

Destinations: Adrenaline Rush

By: Rebecca Hose, Senior Troop 2458
Youth Leadership Council member

Once I learned about Girl Scout Destinations trips, I knew that I would love to go on one! Getting the chance to see new places and experience new things isn’t something that happens every day.

A self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, the Adrenaline Rush trip appealed to me right away and I knew I just had to do it.

And I’m happy to say that Adrenaline Rush lived up to my expectations. It was amazing and I got to experience so many new things. We went on a giant rope swing, tubing, boating, whitewater rafting and even to Six Flags! Every day was a new adventure and before I knew it, more than half the week had passed. It hardly felt like any time at all to me, simply because of everything that was going on and all the fun I was having.

My absolute favorite activity was caving in Tennessee. This was nothing like a school field trip cave tour – although it started that way. We wore kneepads, gloves and helmets with lanterns climbing up stones and crawling through tunnels and teeny-tiny cracks in the wall. I have never experienced something like this and it was exhilarating.

The most memorable part of caving was the section called The Canyon. It’s a crack in the rock just a few people wide. Not very wide, as one might picture a canyon, but it’s quite deep and has uneven rock ledges on either side to walk on. We started our journey through this section shuffling sideways with both feet on one side, then we had to switch to having one foot on either side, straddling the canyon. For the final section, we had to sit down and move sideways on a ledge. Wow! It was intense.

Each section of The Canyon brought new challenges to the girls in my group. Many were quite nervous but we worked as a team to help each other and make it through this tricky section. Such actions of leadership were taken many times throughout that week. Everyone was encouraging to others while also challenging themselves.

Another fun activity was tree climbing and, no, this wasn’t just scaling some random tree out in the woods; it was a massive tree hooked up with ropes and pulleys. Each of us was in a harness and we had to pull ourselves up the rope system to get to the top. It was hard work but tons of fun and the view from the treetop was beautiful. You looked down the hill the tree was on and could see all of the woods spread out around you. In fact, all of the places we went were awesome to see.

The Adrenaline Rush Destination was a great time, and I would encourage anyone who has an interest to go on a Destination to do so as well. It’s a very worthwhile trip. In fact, I’m currently looking at going on another Destinations’ trip in 2017!

Destinations trips are available for girls age 11 and older. Guarantee your destination and apply by Tuesday, November 15. Late deadline is February 1, 2017 but slots are not guaranteed. Financial aid may be available.

Contact Eliza with questions or to submit your application.