Hurray for Camp!

by Natalie LePean,
Badgerland MediaGirl and Girl Scout Junior

An overview of one Girl Scout’s very first solo overnight weekend at Camp!

Friday. The day had finally come. We were on our way there. I was so nervous (it was my first time at camp by myself) and there were no other McFarland girl scouts there. Could you imagine being the only Stoughton girl or the only Middleton girl there? You would be nervous, right? Well at least my parents were there, but they couldn’t stay for long because it was a girl camp only. I was sad that I had to say “goodbye” to my mom and my dad. I went to my bedroom that I had to share with like 15 other girls, but I am so glad that I stayed in the room on the right. Bertha was a nice cabin to stay in, so I am glad that I got to stay in a nice cabin. Quickly, I made two new friends. The first activity was field games like gaga ball and soccer. It was fun until we had to go in for dinner which was chili (red chili). “This is the best chili ever” I said, so I got seconds. Then we went to another cabin to do reverse tie dying on a black t-shirt. All shirts had to be black. They could not be red or green. They had to be BLACK because we were technically just bleaching and panting a black shirt to look like a starry night. I really liked how it turn out. After we did half of the project, I was in the color guard for the flag ceremony. Then it was time to get ready for bed. A few bad things about bedtime were that it was so warm in the room that I could not sleep, one other thing is that the beds are so squeaky that kept all the girls in the room awake. Some good things are that the food was delicious, and the activities were so fun! We had nice camp counselors too!

Saturday. Let’s get back to business.  The second day had finally come. I was so excited for the day to come around. Ginkgo (one of the counselors at our camp) said, “today you are going to make clay impressions.” Everybody yelled hooray at the same time. “We are going to take a walk. Brownies, you are going to collect some leaves and a stick for your wind chime. Juniors (which is me), you will be gathering something that will be good to stick in your clay impressions. Cadettes, you are also grabbing something that you can make a print with.” So, we were off on our hike. I got a lot of things from the walk. Then we headed back. Then, it was time to make it. This was the best part. We had to make our own clay. It was fun, but the Cadettes got to use real clay. So that was sad, but it was fun like I said. Next was archery. It was the hardest part of the day, but it was also exciting. We got to pop some balloons. We also got to watch the counselors do some and by the way, no one hit any of the balloons with their arrows.  We played field games again in the afternoon. I made a friendship bracelet during free time. After dinner and the flag ceremony, we had a campfire. We had to answer trivia questions from the day to earn smores. I was looking forward to one more day at camp.

Sunday. After the flag ceremony, we ate breakfast. It was yogurt, oatmeal, or cereal. I had all of it and it was so good! Next it was time to pack up for when our moms and dads came. Then the trading post was open, but I did not have any money, so I just hung out until my mom and dad came. And so, when my mom and dad came, we went to the trading post and got a fluffy key chain and that was the best part. I am looking forward to spending more time at Camp Ehawee! 😊

Natalie bunked at Camp Ehawee

See all the summer sessions coming in June, July, and August at Camp Ehawee and Camp Brandenburg.

Badgerland Girl Scouts Plant Trees!

Everyday is Earth Day for Girl Scouts. That’s because girls are learning how they can help protect the environment through everyday actions. In April, over 30 Badgerland Girl Scouts participated in our exciting Team Trees program.

Wisconsin’s Female Chief Forester Heather Berklund is a Girl Scout alum! She is also a pioneer and the very first female to be the state’s chief forester in its 116-year history. And she dazzled Badgerland Girl Scouts when she met with them during Team Trees. Heather educated girls on all things trees including logging history, forest types, tree nurseries and the critical role trees play in Mother Nature. A fun part of the presentation was her inspiring story of becoming a forester and she surely inspired lots of Girl Scouts to consider forestry career paths.

Forester Heather also shared fun tree trivia. Want to test your knowledge? Let’s go!

How many did you get right? Did you learn something new? When girls participate in STEM activities she becomes more confident. She gets an increased understanding and appreciation of the importance of STEM in her life and recognizes that scientists and engineers work on things that make the world a better place.

So let’s get your girl involved in some upcoming STEM activities!

Elemental Ecotricity
PowerGIRLS unite to harness the power of the light, wind, and water to protect their ecosystems and tackle real climate change! Girls will meet sustainability experts, use their carbon footprint calculators to conduct field experiments, and get inspired to use resources wisely to make our world a better place.

Hatch Your Plan: Be a Product Designer!
Calling all Juniors who tinker! Do you love using ingenuity to innovate? Can you detect needs, then design solutions? Then bring your ideas and sketchpads to this fun two-part virtual workshop to earn your Product Designer badge!

Tinker Space: Pop Goes the Diesel!
Strap on your seat belts and get ready for a safe fun ride at The Tinker Space as we motor through Automotive Engineering! Subscribe to this month’s program pass to The Tinker Space – a place for a G.I.R.L. thinker to tinker! The Tinker Space is a virtual playground/co-working experience for Girl Scouts to focus, collaborate and create on month-long GSLE topics to earn badges and patches! 

STEAM Spectacular!
STEAM Spectacular! Join us every Monday in May when our experts conduct with you WOW demos and experiments with easily accessible items that will be sure to dazzle and amaze! Marvel at the wizadry of science, technology, engineering and math that YOU can do! Plus, we’ll provide resources and follow-up activities for you to honing your STEAM WOW skills!

Sisterhood of Spies: Gizmos & Gadgets Aplenty!
In this experience, we’ll explore the fascinating history of women in espionage with a focus on the technology of spying. You’ll be “trained” by the renowned International Spy Museum and get to test your spy skills and learn the tricks of the trade. Hear about the shadow world of spying and ask your questions.

Race for Renewability 
Compete in the month long Race for Renewability, to become a Climate Saving Triathlete! Girls and grownups will get creative for their climate, become useful users of refuse, and adapt with their favorite species to survive. Cross the virtual finish line to earn the United Nations Climate Change Challenge Badge and secure your spot on the leaders board of positive drivers of climate change in Badgerland!

For more than a century, Girl Scouts has been preparing girls for a lifetime of leadership. Today and always, we are committed to ensuring that all girls develop to their full potential and have equal access to and support in STEM education.

Lastly, take a moment to learn something new about trees!

2021 Gold Awards

These go-getting Girl Scouts have demonstrated what it means to be a Girl Scout by creating positive change in their communities.

Gold Award Girl Scouts are the dreamers and the doers who take “make the world a better place” to the next level.

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the mark of the truly remarkable—proof that not only can she make a difference, but that she already has.

Akshita Pattnaik
Ambassador from Middleton, WI

Askshita wanted to alleviate stress that pediatric patients face. Her solution was to provide them with a gift or a blanket to comfort them. In Akshita’s research she learned that hospitals can help manage patient stress with gifts, soothing music or therapists for residential treatment. Through her Gold project, Akshita wants to help spread the word on how we can help reduce pediatric patient stress.

Ariel Nelson
Ambassador from Hustisford, WI

Ariel helped people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease reduce stress and agitation. She learned that having something to fiddle with can be helpful in combatting their symptoms. She knitted cylinders with texture and embellishments for a calming sensory experience. The knitted product is called Twiddlemuffs.

Audrey Groves
Ambassador from La Crosse, WI

Audrey addressed the issue of mental health problems that many teens face, as well as lack of exercise for the brain. She created videos with craft projects and addressed important issues that teens go through daily. By connecting crafts and mental health she was able to help teens be more productive.

Ava Beyers
Ambassador from Walworth, WI

Ava addressed the issue of a deteriorating environment. She learned that bats have a positive effect on the environment as pest controllers and pollinators. She put up more bat houses in her area and informational signage to help others learn about the importance of bats.

Brooke Leibman
Ambassador from Fort Atkinson, WI

Brooke increased the options for outdoor activities in her area. She developed a learning trail with informational signage at Haumerson’s Pond in Fort Atkinson. The trail provides a space for education and physical activity. To ensure inclusion she had signs written in both English and Spanish.

Eliza Siebers
Ambassador from Madison, WI

Eliza made a plan to increase the vaccination rate in her city. She used the connections she made when she started planning for a flu clinic in fall of 2019. The pandemic forced her to scrap her original plans, but she persevered with new goals. She hosted a flu clinic at The Beacon in October, with plans to make it an annual event. She had help from Edgewood College Nursing students and Dane County Public Health.

Emily Flood
Alum from Sun Prairie, WI

Emily aimed to help children and children with special needs to have an enhanced experiences at church. She developed worship kits for children to use during service. Her kits have helped create a better community throughout the congregation.

Holly Stronach
Ambassador from Nekoosa, WI

Holly’s goal was to spread awareness of the importance of handwashing to reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases. She provided low-cost handwashing stations to events in Adams county. The stations provided practical tips and supplies to prevent the transmission of viruses.

Hope Lent
Ambassador from Middleton, WI

Hope wanted to help kids and teens with Type 1 diabetes by creating a cookbook of simple and delicious recipes. The goal was to help kids and teens feel more independent and educated about their nutrition. Her cookbook breaks down the nutrients, has delicious recipes and has made a difference.

Jocelyn Arnold

Jocelyn took action to maintain and protect Geneva Lake from pollution. One of the harmful pollutions that she reduced was dog waste by providing waste stations with bags and signs to help inform dog owners how to protect the lake.

Makayla Henthorne
Ambassador from Sparta, WI

Makayla took action to bring back butterflies to her community. She updated an area community garden by removing unhealthy plants and adding more butterfly friendly flowers to create more habitats for butterflies. She also distributed Milwaukee Seeds to people in her community to plant.     

Morgan Sleaford
Ambassador from DeForest, WI

Morgan encouraged kids to get outdoors and explore nature more. She worked with the Village of DeForest to create a fun booklet of activities for area kids to use while exploring area nature trails and parks.

Tifany Shaw
Ambassador from Sun Prairie, WI

Tifany provided a safe place for children to play outdoors. She built a playhouse for children to play by Shelter From the Storm Ministries, Inc in Sun Prairie. The playhouse provides a safe place for children to play outdoors and gain healthy relationships with one another.     

Valorie Schamens
Ambassador from Jefferson, WI

Valorie helped get students outdoors to learn instead of spending the day in a classroom. She created individual outdoor classroom kits for students and teachers to support physical and mental health. The kits included clipboards, pens, and pencils. Her goal was to get students outdoors more, while addressing the issue of social distancing too.     

Milk & Girl Scout Cookies- Working Together to Stock Area Food Pantries

Happy Dairy Month! This month at Badgerland, we are reflecting and recognizing our partnership with the Dane County Dairy Promotion Committee and Badgerland Girls Scouts’ efforts to make sure milk and Girl Scout Cookies are accessible to everyone.

Through the partnership, a troop gives their ‘Cookie Share’ to a Dane County Food Pantry, and the Dairy Promotion Committee matches each box donated with a gallon of milk, up to $8,000 worth. Girl Scouts rose to the challenge, donating more than 6,000 boxes to 22 different local food pantries.

2019 03 23_Troop 2331_Senior_MOM's Food Pantry Middleton_26

Nearly 3,500 gallons of milk (wow!) will be distributed by Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin to the food pantries in proportion to boxes donated throughout the month of June.

‘Cookie Share’ is a philanthropy-based initiative through which girls can make a positive impact in their communities. During the Cookie Program (which ran Feb. 9 through March 17), customers could purchase a box of cookies and, instead of receiving them, give the cookies back to the troop for them to donate to a charity of their choosing. In this case – food pantries.

2019 04 22_Troop 8294_DY_Madison 2

“The partnership just makes sense,” said Dairy Promotion Committee Chair John Haag. “Girl Scouts are known for doing good deeds in their communities, and this just goes to show they’re committed to that. Together, we’re bringing protein-rich milk and delicious cookies to those in need.”

The partnership formed three years ago and since then, has provided 17,567 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and 10,342 gallons of milk to families in need!

2019 03 28_Troop 2300_Junior_Middleton 1

“While the Girl Scout Cookie Program helps girls work on their goal setting and money management skills, they’re also actively making their community a better place with their Cookie Share,” said Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Badgerland Council CEO Marci Henderson. “By matching the girls’ donations with a gallon of milk, the Dairy Promotion Committee is reinforcing the girls’ understanding of working together for the greater good.”

The Dairy Promotion Committee also hosts several events during June Dairy Month, including Cows on the Concourse and Breakfast on the Farm, which is scheduled for this Saturday, June 8 in Brooklyn. Girl Scout troops attend both of these events to showcase the partnership and share how the Cookie Program fuels leadership experiences for girls, such as camping, traveling, community service and educational programming.

Thanks to the Dane Dairy Promotion Committee and participating Girl Scouts for another successful year of Milk & Cookies! We can’t wait to see what we accomplish next year.


Girl Scouts: More than Cookies

IMG_20190207_134334 1

“…know that your purchase benefits more than one girl, because we change the world one box at a time.”

One of our very own MediaGIRLs, Erin of Troop 2434 in Stoughton, was recently featured in the Milton Courier for an editorial she wrote about her involvement in Girl Scouts and the impact the organization has had on her throughout her involvement. Read below to learn more about her experience and how being a Girl Scout is much more than selling a box of cookies.

Girl Scouts isn’t just a box of cookies. In the last 7 years of my scouting career I have sold over 3,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and had many great experiences. Cookies only come around once a year and they help to fund many other activities that happen throughout the year. To list just a few activities I have done: learned canoeing, learned first-aid, participated in STEM learning, attended many awesome Girl Scout camps like Camp Hero and have been on several troop camping trips. Serving others is another important part of scouting where I have cleaned the Yahara River, sang carols in the nursing home, made holiday cards for Meals on Wheels and last year my troop made blankets for kids in the hospital. Through Girl Scouts, I have learned confidence to talk to new people & courage to try new things. I have learned that I can make a difference in the world in many ways & have made some great friends. For girls who are unsure if they would like scouting, I say come and check it out! Scouts is about what you want it to be and there are so many activities to try. We always need more adults to guide us too!

When you start seeing Girl Scouts out selling cookies in the next week, know that your purchase benefits more than one girl, because we change the world one box at a time.
Erin, Stoughton Troop 2434

My Girl Scout Destination: Costa Rica and Panama Service Challenge

Hi! My name is Emily and I went on the Costa Rica/Panama Service Challenge Girl Scout Destination in June. It was such an amazing experience to help the people of Talamanca and San San Pond Sak, even if it was just for a week each.


I think the most powerful part was any time someone told us how much our help meant to them. Because sometimes to us our work was extremely difficult and sometimes it even felt like it wasn’t worth it, but when we heard the gratitude from the people we were helping, it reminded me of why I love service work and why I came. For example, chores for people in Talamanca include hauling sand up a hill in the blazing heat (whereas for me, at home, I have to haul a garbage bag to my garage). And when we were cooking our food, we had to cook it over a fire and I kept inhaling smoke and getting it in my eyes, and my instructor reminded me that this is how they have to cook everyday.


This trip has impacted me in many ways. I was just kind of crazy to see how the people in Talamanca and San San Pond Sak lived and how, in comparison, I have a pretty privileged life.

– Emily Ledin | Senior Troop 2331, Middleton | YLC Member




Pop-Up Programs

We’re so excited to introduce new pop-up program! You won’t find these unique program experiences anywhere by Badgerland.

How do pop-up programs work?
These are short, drop-in programs. We keep the date and time a secret until a few days before the event, then reveal it on our social media accounts and via email. The day of the program, you just stop in anytime and have some Girl Scout fun!

Keep connected to find out the location of the next pop-up program in your area!

Celebrating 105 Years

Girls in historicl Girl Scout uniforms

By: Marci Henderson, Chief Executive Officer

On March 12, 1912, Juliette Gordon Low, a nearly deaf 50-year-old southern lady, ignited a movement that inspires and encourages girls to embrace their individuality, strength and intellect. Juliette believed that all girls should be given the opportunity to develop physically, mentally and spiritually. Her vision caught on and just 10 years later there were more than 125,000 Girl Scouts in every state in the union!

Today, Girl Scouts of the USA has a membership of over 2.6 million girls and adults in every residential zip code. Nearly 60 million living women in the U.S. today are Girl Scout alumnae. And since the beginning, the Girl Scout organization has been recognized for our willingness to address important issues, for our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, for our promise to stay relevant, for our actions to improve the world, for our goal to both challenge and support girls and women.

And, even as we honor our past, we eagerly anticipate our future. Right now though, it’s time to celebrate! Because we’ve been here for 105 years, we’re throwing ourselves a HUGE BIRTHDAY PARTY on March 25-26 and you’re invited! The Badgerland Council Program team is busy finalizing plans for a weekend filled with fun. We’re planning on girls and adults dancing the night away with a professional DJ spinning the tunes! And, what else? There will also be inflatables, magic tricks, bubble blowing and circus fun for the girls. Have you ever tried the German Wheel, walked on a tight rope or pet a baby kangaroo? Yes, there will be animals with us too! And girls/troops have the option to add-on additional excitement like a water park, Knuckleheads Adventure, pottery painting and maybe even a Wisconsin Dells Duck tour. For more detailed information and to register, click here.

We are so excited to celebrate 105 years of Girl Scouting and to make the celebration even better, we’ve invited members from throughout the whole state! What a cool opportunity to meet lots of friends, try something new, laugh the night away, and feel a part of something really special—Girl Scouts!

The world is a very different place than it was 105 years ago. For girls today, the road to adulthood can be formidable. Becoming engaged, inspired and empowered can be a tall task—but Girl Scouts are embracing the challenge. As America’s preeminent leadership development organization for girls, we offer every girl the chance to do something amazing–to do more and to be more!

And that’s the reason to celebrate! Happy Birthday to Girl Scouts everywhere!


I’m not just a girl, I’m a Girl Scout.

By Hilary Carroll, Customer Care Manager

hilary-with-flag“You can do this. You’re a Girl Scout.” This is the self-talk running through my head as I prepared to enter the City Public Works Manager’s office to present my idea. I was nervous. I was in 8th grade and had never before been part of such an official meeting, let alone presenting at one. But, I came equipped with my plan carefully written out in long hand on loose-leaf paper. After all, I was a Girl Scout—and we are always prepared!

As I met with the City Manager, I explained to him that I was worried the river running through the center of our town was being polluted and I wanted to do something about it. To help make city residents aware, I was hoping for permission to mark all the storm drains in the town with the message: “Dump No Waste, Drains to River.”

This Take Action project, the first one I ever led, was for my Girl Scout Silver Award. Girl Scouts gave me the platform and the tools to help make a change in my community. I wasn’t just an ordinary 8th grader – I was a Girl Scout!

One of the amazing things about being a Girl Scout is the effects are truly life long. My Silver Award project was the spark that introduced me to environmental protection and it is a passion that has continued through to today.

When Juliette Gordon Low created the first Girl Scout troop over 100 years ago, she wanted to create a place where girls could grow and develop leadership skills. Juliette imagined a movement where girls could go beyond their typical daily activities, advance their skills, and make a difference in the world around them.

As we remember Juliette Gordon Low on her birthday, October 31, I know she would be immensely proud of what Girl Scouts have accomplished together. I can only imagine her reaction to hearing stories of all the amazing things girls have done that she never could have imagined. Like Badgerland’s own Claire Evensen who taught herself to code and built an app to give teens tools to cope with anxiety and depression. Or Evansville Troop 3086 who, with one Gold Award project at a time, is slowly repairing and revitalizing a local cemetery. These girls were inspired to be brave, take on new challenges and make a difference in their communities, because they are Girl Scouts!

Happy Birthday Juliette Gordon Low and thank you for giving us all the opportunity to be Girl Scouts!


Spread Kindness this October

31 Random Acts of Kindness patchGiving back and doing good deeds is part of our DNA. The Girl Scout slogan says to “Do a good turn daily” so this October, we’re challenging Badgerland Girl Scouts to do a “good turn” every day of the month – that’s 31 days of good deeds to earn the 31 Random Acts of Kindness patch!

Why October and why 31?
Our amazing founder, Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday is October 31 and we want to honor her by banding together and contributing to the world around us. Imagine the impact Badgerland Girl Scouts will make when every Girl Scout does something nice for others. Thousands of people around Badgerland will have a reason to smile every day, all because of Girl Scouts. Wow!

Need some ideas on how your Girl Scouts can spread kindness in the community? Here are a few:

  • Leave an anonymous note telling someone how special they are
  • Open a door for the person behind you
  • Take your neighbor’s dog for a walk
  • Save your change then treat a loved one to an ice cream cone
  • Call grandma and tell her your favorite memory of a time spent together

Big and small, the possibilities are endless. You can find more ideas at

Keep track of your Random Acts of Kindness and order your patch with the 31 Random Acts of Kindness Order and Tracking form.

We can’t wait to see how awesome October is around Badgerland with thousands of Girl Scouts doing daily good turns. Share some of your random acts of kindness and we’ll share them with the world!