Hurray for Camp!

by Natalie LePean,
Badgerland MediaGirl and Girl Scout Junior

An overview of one Girl Scout’s very first solo overnight weekend at Camp!

Friday. The day had finally come. We were on our way there. I was so nervous (it was my first time at camp by myself) and there were no other McFarland girl scouts there. Could you imagine being the only Stoughton girl or the only Middleton girl there? You would be nervous, right? Well at least my parents were there, but they couldn’t stay for long because it was a girl camp only. I was sad that I had to say “goodbye” to my mom and my dad. I went to my bedroom that I had to share with like 15 other girls, but I am so glad that I stayed in the room on the right. Bertha was a nice cabin to stay in, so I am glad that I got to stay in a nice cabin. Quickly, I made two new friends. The first activity was field games like gaga ball and soccer. It was fun until we had to go in for dinner which was chili (red chili). “This is the best chili ever” I said, so I got seconds. Then we went to another cabin to do reverse tie dying on a black t-shirt. All shirts had to be black. They could not be red or green. They had to be BLACK because we were technically just bleaching and panting a black shirt to look like a starry night. I really liked how it turn out. After we did half of the project, I was in the color guard for the flag ceremony. Then it was time to get ready for bed. A few bad things about bedtime were that it was so warm in the room that I could not sleep, one other thing is that the beds are so squeaky that kept all the girls in the room awake. Some good things are that the food was delicious, and the activities were so fun! We had nice camp counselors too!

Saturday. Let’s get back to business.  The second day had finally come. I was so excited for the day to come around. Ginkgo (one of the counselors at our camp) said, “today you are going to make clay impressions.” Everybody yelled hooray at the same time. “We are going to take a walk. Brownies, you are going to collect some leaves and a stick for your wind chime. Juniors (which is me), you will be gathering something that will be good to stick in your clay impressions. Cadettes, you are also grabbing something that you can make a print with.” So, we were off on our hike. I got a lot of things from the walk. Then we headed back. Then, it was time to make it. This was the best part. We had to make our own clay. It was fun, but the Cadettes got to use real clay. So that was sad, but it was fun like I said. Next was archery. It was the hardest part of the day, but it was also exciting. We got to pop some balloons. We also got to watch the counselors do some and by the way, no one hit any of the balloons with their arrows.  We played field games again in the afternoon. I made a friendship bracelet during free time. After dinner and the flag ceremony, we had a campfire. We had to answer trivia questions from the day to earn smores. I was looking forward to one more day at camp.

Sunday. After the flag ceremony, we ate breakfast. It was yogurt, oatmeal, or cereal. I had all of it and it was so good! Next it was time to pack up for when our moms and dads came. Then the trading post was open, but I did not have any money, so I just hung out until my mom and dad came. And so, when my mom and dad came, we went to the trading post and got a fluffy key chain and that was the best part. I am looking forward to spending more time at Camp Ehawee! 😊

Natalie bunked at Camp Ehawee

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