2021 Gold Awards

These go-getting Girl Scouts have demonstrated what it means to be a Girl Scout by creating positive change in their communities.

Gold Award Girl Scouts are the dreamers and the doers who take “make the world a better place” to the next level.

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the mark of the truly remarkable—proof that not only can she make a difference, but that she already has.

Akshita Pattnaik
Ambassador from Middleton, WI

Askshita wanted to alleviate stress that pediatric patients face. Her solution was to provide them with a gift or a blanket to comfort them. In Akshita’s research she learned that hospitals can help manage patient stress with gifts, soothing music or therapists for residential treatment. Through her Gold project, Akshita wants to help spread the word on how we can help reduce pediatric patient stress.

Ariel Nelson
Ambassador from Hustisford, WI

Ariel helped people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease reduce stress and agitation. She learned that having something to fiddle with can be helpful in combatting their symptoms. She knitted cylinders with texture and embellishments for a calming sensory experience. The knitted product is called Twiddlemuffs.

Audrey Groves
Ambassador from La Crosse, WI

Audrey addressed the issue of mental health problems that many teens face, as well as lack of exercise for the brain. She created videos with craft projects and addressed important issues that teens go through daily. By connecting crafts and mental health she was able to help teens be more productive.

Ava Beyers
Ambassador from Walworth, WI

Ava addressed the issue of a deteriorating environment. She learned that bats have a positive effect on the environment as pest controllers and pollinators. She put up more bat houses in her area and informational signage to help others learn about the importance of bats.

Brooke Leibman
Ambassador from Fort Atkinson, WI

Brooke increased the options for outdoor activities in her area. She developed a learning trail with informational signage at Haumerson’s Pond in Fort Atkinson. The trail provides a space for education and physical activity. To ensure inclusion she had signs written in both English and Spanish.

Eliza Siebers
Ambassador from Madison, WI

Eliza made a plan to increase the vaccination rate in her city. She used the connections she made when she started planning for a flu clinic in fall of 2019. The pandemic forced her to scrap her original plans, but she persevered with new goals. She hosted a flu clinic at The Beacon in October, with plans to make it an annual event. She had help from Edgewood College Nursing students and Dane County Public Health.

Emily Flood
Alum from Sun Prairie, WI

Emily aimed to help children and children with special needs to have an enhanced experiences at church. She developed worship kits for children to use during service. Her kits have helped create a better community throughout the congregation.

Holly Stronach
Ambassador from Nekoosa, WI

Holly’s goal was to spread awareness of the importance of handwashing to reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases. She provided low-cost handwashing stations to events in Adams county. The stations provided practical tips and supplies to prevent the transmission of viruses.

Hope Lent
Ambassador from Middleton, WI

Hope wanted to help kids and teens with Type 1 diabetes by creating a cookbook of simple and delicious recipes. The goal was to help kids and teens feel more independent and educated about their nutrition. Her cookbook breaks down the nutrients, has delicious recipes and has made a difference.

Jocelyn Arnold

Jocelyn took action to maintain and protect Geneva Lake from pollution. One of the harmful pollutions that she reduced was dog waste by providing waste stations with bags and signs to help inform dog owners how to protect the lake.

Makayla Henthorne
Ambassador from Sparta, WI

Makayla took action to bring back butterflies to her community. She updated an area community garden by removing unhealthy plants and adding more butterfly friendly flowers to create more habitats for butterflies. She also distributed Milwaukee Seeds to people in her community to plant.     

Morgan Sleaford
Ambassador from DeForest, WI

Morgan encouraged kids to get outdoors and explore nature more. She worked with the Village of DeForest to create a fun booklet of activities for area kids to use while exploring area nature trails and parks.

Tifany Shaw
Ambassador from Sun Prairie, WI

Tifany provided a safe place for children to play outdoors. She built a playhouse for children to play by Shelter From the Storm Ministries, Inc in Sun Prairie. The playhouse provides a safe place for children to play outdoors and gain healthy relationships with one another.     

Valorie Schamens
Ambassador from Jefferson, WI

Valorie helped get students outdoors to learn instead of spending the day in a classroom. She created individual outdoor classroom kits for students and teachers to support physical and mental health. The kits included clipboards, pens, and pencils. Her goal was to get students outdoors more, while addressing the issue of social distancing too.