Brownie Badge Spotlight- My Great Day

by Tracy Harle

In this badge you will learn how to have a great day from the moment you wake up to when you tuck yourself into bed at night. Here are five activities and things you can make that will help you have a great day, every day.

Activity #1 Make Your Bed

First, think of what you can do after you get up and take a nice long stretch to the ceiling. You can make your bed! That’s right! Straighten out your covers, place your pillows where they belong, and just like that you’re done. Now doesn’t that look great? Your room already looks tidy. You’ve completed the first task of the day, and you feel accomplished. You are well on your way to having a productive day. Plus, it brings a smile upon your face and brightens your mood setting you up to have a great day!

Activity #2 Sort Your Stuff (Craft Project)

Sort Your stuff is a way to keep your items in one place so when you need something you know right where to go to get that item. You can use aluminum cans and use them to store pens, pencils, markers, etc.

Supplies Need:

  • Clean aluminum can
  • Permanent markers
  • Paint
  • Use Modge Podge glue on fabric pieces.
  • Glue embellishments on them with craft glue.

art cans

Activity #3 Making Homework a Breeze

You can create a calm and relaxing area in your room or home by making an area suitable with everything that you need to concentrate. You already have all your supplies ready to go with your newly decorated aluminum cans. Now you are ready to hit the books!

Activity #4 Plan Ahead (Craft Project)

Having a list of what you need to do helps you to keep organized and also helps you feel accomplished by checking off your TO DO list. By making a checklist every day you can change your list as often as you see fit. So, one day you might not have homework to do, or maybe you don’t have chores to do.

I like to have a list template that I am able to change without having to waste paper. In this photo I used a page protectant sleeve and I put my paper inside it. I then wrote on the front of it with permanent marker, my to do list and if I need to change or add to the list I use the dry erase marker to do so as a dry erase marker you can wipe off.

Supplies Need:

  • Page Protectant sleeves
  • Paper
  • Stickers (optional)
  • Permanent maker
  • Dry erase marker


Activity #5 Helping Other’s get Organized

Organize your family’s spaces that could use help. Ask your parents if you can help organize a drawer or cabinet in the kitchen. For example, you can make a snack station in your refrigerator or pantry. Then when you come home from school you can see all your options in one place.

You can also ask your parents to reach out to your local food pantry and ask if you can help organize and sort food with them. This would be a wonderful way to help out in your community. Remember to wear your Girl Scout uniform when you go!

Start making checklists with your family. Do you have sports or activities that you go to? You can help by making a check list of the things you need to take with you to your events.

Now let’s have a Great Day!

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