Cookie FAQs

Cookie Season can sometimes be just as confusing as it is exciting. That’s why we’ve put together a FAQ list for all those new to the Cookie Program to help answer your most frequently asked questions. Keep reading to get set-up for Cookie Program success!

When does the cookie sale start?

Badgerland’s 2020 Cookie Sale starts February 15 and ends March 22.

How much does a box of cookies cost?

Cookies are $4 a box with the exclusion of the gluten-free cookie which is $5 a pouch.

How do I sign up for a booth?

Troops can reserve booths at council-secured locations using the Smart Cookies website. Booths are first reserved via a lottery system (this occurred January 14). After this, booths are reserved on a first come, first served basis. After the first week of sign-up (Jan 16-19), the scheduler re-opens every Sunday at 8am, at which time troops can select an additional 3 booths.

Can my girl sell online?

Girls can sell online by sending Direct Ship and Girl Delivery ecards to contacts via the Smart Cookies website. No online transactions beyond the ABC Smart Cookies website may occur. Cookies may not be sold via community buy-sell-trade sites, online auction or sale sites (Ebay/Craigslist), or Facebook Marketplace. Families and girls 13 and older (with parental permission) may advertise the cookie sale on personal social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), but sales must be completed in person or via Smart Cookies and the girl must complete the sale.

How do I sign up for Smart Cookies?

Mid-January you should have received an email from ABC Smart Cookies with a link to create an account. After creating your username and password, you’ll be sent a separate email to verify the account. If you did not receive your initial email from ABC Smart Cookies, call our Customer Care line to get started setting up your account.

Are marketing resources available?

Yes! You can find resources such as flyers and thank you cards available on the “Cookie Volunteer” page on our website

When do I need to return unopened cases of cookies?

Girls/Families should return any clean, unopened cases of cookies they don’t think they’ll be able to sell to their troop by March 8.

Troops will return unopened, clean cases of cookies to council March 14-15

I couldn’t make it to a cookie training, now what?

All our trainings as well as resources from Cookie U and CookiePalooza are available on our website! Find the most detailed resources on the “Cookie Volunteers” page. Family and girl-focused resources can be found on our “For Cookie Sellers” page.

Where do I go if I’m confused/need help?

For quick reference, our Cookie Guide is available on our Cookie Volunteers page. Still can’t find the answer to your question? Our Customer Care team is available 8:30-5 M-F via phone (800.236.2710) or email ( to help! You can also message our Facebook page with quick questions and inquires.

We hope we answered a few of your most-asked cookie questions with our FAQ! As mentioned above, don’t be afraid to reach out with your questions: we’re here to make your Cookie Sale a success!

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